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28mm Painted Rivers

  • 28mm river ford section top view 28mm river ford section top view

    1261-Ford Blue River

    Finished 28mm Blue River ford is ready to use on your gaming table! River section works with all of our 28mm river system and features superb detail with rocks and timbers to bring your gaming table to life. Made with a durable urethane material for...
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  • 28mm-15mm  connector river section top view 28mm-15mm connector river section side view

    1262-Connector Blue River

    Finished Blue River transition piece allows you to connect our 15mm river system to the 28mm river system! All of our rivers are colored and feature rock and timber details and river banks! Ready to use right out of the package. The configuration...
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  • 28mm river set top view 28mm river set top view

    1264-Blue River 6pc Set

    Our 28mm river set includes 3 straight sections and 3 standard curves for a total of 4.7 linear feet of river. Rivers are finished and made of a durable urethane material for years of use on your gamng table! River features timber and rock details as...
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  • 28mm River Junction top view 28mm River Junction right side view

    1265-Blue River Junction Set 3pc

    Our rivers are colored and ready to use as soon as you open the package!The junction set includes a river y and 2 short curve which allows you to use your imagination to create a variety of river configurations with the blue river set (item 1264). No...
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  • 28mm Straight River Section top view

    1266-Blue River Straight

    Our rivers are colored and ready to use as soon as you open the package!The 28mm Straight Section can be used to expand our river system to the length you need for your wargaming terrain board! Use with 1265 Junction pack, 1264 river set and 1261 River...
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