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Painted Terrain

  • 6mm River Junction Pack with Building 6mm River Junction Pack connected view

    1354-5pc Blue River Junction Pack

    If you're looking for variety and configuration options then the junction pack is for you! This pack allows the creation of a huge number of different river-flow patterns and will add excitment and realism to your miniature gaming table. Junction pack...
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  • 6mm River Ford with Half track 6mm River Ford left side view

    1355-3pc Blue River Ford-Curve Set

    This pack contains 2 sections of river that have a shallow ford where your wagons, soldiers, tanks and trucks can cross. It also includes 1 standard curve section that can be placed between the fords or used anywhere else in your water course. Fords are...
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  • 6mm  Blue River Connector Set top view 6mm Blue River Connector Set right side view

    1402 6-15mm 4pc Blue River Connector Set

    The 6-15mm Connector pack allows a seamless transition from your 15mm river system to the smaller, 6mm river system. From river to creek or vice versa! Being able to connect different scale rivers gives gamers more options for game-play and is more...
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