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New Release Schedule

The 28mm Medieval models are now available for purchase from our webstore!

UPDATE 03/08/2022: Next product release is already in the works: 9 new small scale miniature islands are currently being designed. This product group will include 2 finished icebergs packs that will make gaming in Antarctica or the North Pole regions more realistic.  

UPDATE 06/13/2022: We have completed all the tooling for the small scale island models and the masters are being painted. Release date available soon!      

Update 03/27/2022: The design work is complete on the small scale island project and now moves to tooling/photography/web work. New models are:

1)Sparticus island

2)Ridge island

3)Rock island

4)Golith island

5)Tarus island

6)Small island set 4pc

7)Krakatoa island

8)Iceberg pk 1 (3pc)

9)Iceberg pk 2 (3pc) 

Availability,  Pricing and product details to follow. Images coming soon!  

UPDATE! Welcome to our new release page! Last year saw a record number of 6mm designs come on line in 3dprint and a number of new 28mm Sci-Fi models. Some of the 28mm models were existing models remastered in 3dprint while others were completely new models.

Coming up Q1 2022 is our remastered 28mm-32mm Heroic scale Medieval series. I have been working on this project for several months and the range is close to completion. New Medieval models include: Blacksmith Shop, Forge, Outhouse, Well, Wooden Trough and a Town Square (stone) Fountain.

We are very excited about all the new models we will be working to bring online this year! As soon as the designs are finalized and we have established release dates I will update this webpage.