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Novus Design-USA Sourced Manufacturer

Novus Design-USA Sourced Manufacturer

Posted by Robert Rumfelt on 12th Aug 2021

As most Americans know, covid-19 has exposed some very serious supply chain issues for our country. Almost without exception, there have been, and continue to be widespread inventory shortages in many commercial and retail  businesses. So much of the finished products Americans purchase are made in Asia, specifically China. Whether it's automobile components, electronics, household furnishings or toys, there continues to be significant supply chain problems. 

When the shortages hit home. I take no joy in some of the supply chain challenges our competitors are having to deal with right now. I realize they are competitors but, far more importantly, they are people who have families and are being injured financially and emotionally by the disruptions in their businesses. Moreover, government policy has, in many cases, exacerbated the financial hardship, uncertainty and general well-being of hard working people trying to deal an extraordinarily difficult situation. 

Like many businesses of a certain size, it made financial sense to outsource manufacturing to a variety of countries, most of which are located in Asia. Now, those relationships and logistical arrangements are very much disrupted and have become much more expensive to maintain. Some factories are working at a fraction of their capacity while they deal with ongoing covid outbreaks and a general shortage of raw materials and labor. 

Because Novus Design is a US based manufacturing company and we receive almost 100% of our raw materials from US suppliers we consider ourselves very fortunate. We have not experienced any real delays in getting the materials we need to supply our retail and wholesale customers with the terrain products they order from us. We have a 100% fill rate and do not back order product which our customers really appreciate.  

As business owners, Nancy and I are both hoping and praying for a return to normal. People are at their best when they're secure, able to focus on being innovative, creative, productive and reaching their full human potential while having a happy and stable family life. We will continue to do our part in keeping the gaming industry moving forward. 

It is our sincere hope that people everywhere will get their lives back to normal soon.