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My Story-Novus Design Studio

My Story-Novus Design Studio

Posted by Robert Rumfelt on 2nd Aug 2021

First, I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the wargamers and hobbyists who purchase our products and make it possible for me to pursue my passion of designing and making buildings and terrain features for the hobby and gaming industry. 

I also owe a HUGE amount of gratitude to my wife of 22 years! Nancy is a wonderful woman blessed with the patience to allow me to develop my hobby, my dream, my passion into a business. This is not a venture for the faint-hearted. If it weren't for Nancy, Novus Design would not exist. This is also our second company in this space as we founded and operated JR Miniatures for approximately 12 years prior to Novus.

So, what attracted me to the hobby in the first place? 

As is the case with many of you, I was introduced to the concept of miniature wargaming through model building and collecting scale tanks and vehicles as well as soldiers. It was love at first sight when for the first time I encountered ROCO Minitanks at my local hobby store while shopping for matchbox cars with my father. I couldn't believe the detail, accuracy and realism of these 1:87 scale models!

Soon, my brother and I began to collect tanks and trucks as well as ROCO and Airfix infantry sets so we could paint them and have battles (we didn't realize we were wargaming at the time) with ourselves and some of our friends. Our collection grew to be quite large and although the hobby didn't hold my brother's attention after a certain age, I never lost interest in collecting, painting, researching, gaming and displaying my collection.

Eventually, I found myself creating buildings and terrain pieces to enhance my miniature wargaming hobby. And I mean literally tabletop gaming as in my parents dining room table! I wish I had pictures of these creations but I don't. 

The construction of buildings and terrain pieces for my gaming displays and battlefield engagements was an extension of yes, another hobby of mine-1:87 (HO) model railroading! Turns out I'm one of those people who doesn't know when to stop when it comes to hobbies. 

So, now you have a little background on where my love of the hobby comes from and why Novus Design Studio is my passion. It is not only a business but, it is a creative outlet which drives me to innovate and create products that gamers want and that will enhance their enjoyment of the hobby.

This is my first Blog post from our new site. It will be a regular feature going forward as I learn and develop this communication channel and can share important news about the company with our awesome customers! 

I have posted some pictures of my beloved ROCO army units which gave me years of enjoyment! I'm now in the process of replacing my entire 1:87 scale tanks and vehicle collection with 1:72 scale models. I really would like my vehicles to match my scale figures and I prefer the 1:72 scale to 1:87 (HO).


Just a few images of the many hundreds of tanks, artillery and truck models that make up my original wargaming collection. 

What drew you to miniature wargaming?