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28mm Terrain & Buildings

  • 1043-Fuel Tank 2ea 1043-Fuel Tank 2ea

    1043-Fuel Tank 2ea

    28mm Sci-Fi Fuel Storage Tank 2ea. Add and interesting terrain feature to your sci-fi/fantasy gaming table. Our storage tanks create a realistic industrial look for your wargaming scenario. Ideal for use with Games Workshop 40K, Infinity Miniatures,...
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  • 1048-Supply Depot/Objective Marker 1048-Supply Depot/Objective Marker

    1048-Supply Depot/Objective Marker

    28mm Highly detailed model represents a supply depot featuring fuel drums, various sized crates and variety of munitions containers as well as spare truck tires. Works as a stand alone piece or can be placed in the courtyard of model 1047. Use as an...
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  • 1049-Munitions Factory 1049-Munitions Factory

    1049-Munitions Factory

    28mm This model can be used as a major defensive strongpoint and or objective. Model features large concrete archway construction and 3 distinct interior areas. Floor debris and parts of destroyed machinery add additional realism and will enhance your...
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  • 1051-Observation Bunker 1051-Observation Bunker

    1051-Observation Bunker

    28mm Concrete observation bunker typical for European and Pacific WW2 Theatre. Model has a lift off top and detailed interior. Firing port provides excellent cover for the bunker garrison and will accommodate 2 standard 28mm infantry figures (as...
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  • 1052-Artillery Position 1052-Artillery Position

    1052-Artillery Position

    28mm Artillery or tank will benefit from this sandbag emplacement as it provides additional protection for fixed or mobile weapons platforms. Model is designed to accommodate most 28mm anti-tank guns, artillery or tracked vehicles and has interior...
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  • 1086-Medieval Bridge 1086-Medieval Bridge

    1086-Medieval Bridge

    28mm Medieval stone bridge accommodate water element up to 3.25" wide. Our 28mm stone bridge is ideal for use with Warhammer Age of Sigmar, Privateer Press Hordes, Warlord Games historical, ww2 and ancient wargaming. 
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  • 1224 -Armageddon Bus 1224 -Armageddon Bus

    1224 -Armageddon Bus

    28mm Sci-Fi, dystopian and Zombie vehicles that are ready to tear up your gaming table! The Armageddon Bus is a formidable machine that is protected by additional armor plating all around and features two separate weapons platform: 20mm cannon and a...
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  • 1226-Hellraiser Truck 1226-Hellraiser Truck

    1226-Hellraiser Truck

    28mm Sci-Fi, dystopian and Zombie vehicles that are ready to tear up your gaming table! Hellraiser Pick Up Truck with cannon! Weapons platform accommodates figures with 32mm base size or larger. 7PC resin kit FOR AGES 12 AND UP. Some sanding and...
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